Our Flagship Products, The 8385 and 8691 ECU Monitors

                                for 1983.5 - 1985 Digijet and 1986 - 1991 Digifant Vanagons respectedly



Our 8385 is extremely popular among Digijet Vanagon owners. It utilizes the core 8691 Monitor enhanced by our solid state digital interface unit, providing a wide range of diagnostic information, using the same techniques as the 8691. Vanagon owners, or shops that need to address older and newer vehicles can purchase additional ribbon cables and connect the monitor to both systems. Click the RIBBON CABLE link below to view this product on the Van Cafe website.

The 8691 is the core of our ECU Monitor line, and the current version reflects several improvements - common ground digital meter circuitry eliminates 9V battery, powder-coated/silk screened front panel, pre-drilled & routed printed circuit board, and major improvements in circuit board/front panel mounting hardware. The 8691 has been in customers Vans since 2003, with very few warranty repairs. This unit will be the centerpeice of any future product, e.g. monitor capability for older air-cooled AFC fuel injection systems. It is also the heart of our 8385 Monitor, which utilizes a solid state interface unit to adapt the monitor to the Digijet system. The monitor and cables are assembled and tested prior to shipment. You simply prepare your ECU, and solder 12 prepared wires to it.