We are a home based business located in Cameron Park, California, about 30 miles east of Sacramento, in the Sierra Foothills. Currently, we own and drive two VW Vanagons, a 1984 Vanagon GL, and a 1991 Westphalia Camper. The vans have a combined total mileage over half a million miles, and are testbeds for our products.

We began Shoebox Electronix in 2003 in Capitola, CA, designing and building a monitor for VW Vanagons that would allow ECU input and output signals to be monitored while driving the vehicle. Originally, the Monitors were built hard-wired to individual ECUs, and sold or rented as a complete system by the Van Cafe in Santa Cruz, CA. To place the technology in the hands of the individual Vanagon owner, we decided to make the monitor available in easy to build kit form. The kit includes all the parts required to fabricate an ECU monitor for your Vanagon. Only high quality electronic components are used, and the printed circuit board/front panel is pre-assembled & tested. Previously, this fuel injection testing capability was available only through a VW dealer, and was relatively expensive, not to mention out of your control. You only need to spend about an hour preparing, and soldering a few wires to your ECU's circuit board. We also sell a tool kit with the required hand tools to complete the work, if you need them, in our ECU Tool Kit. Check the feedback from our customers and users via the FEEDBACK tab.

Our second product was a Battery Saver Alarm, which will annunciate audibly if you leave your headlight switch ON, and turn your ignition switch OFF. (Who hasn't done this?) The unit installs quickly, and is designed with high quality components on a custom designed printed circuit board, for years of reliable service. The circuit itself is isolated from the vehicle wiring with two 5A fast blow fuses, and a 7805 regulator IC.

Requests from owners of older Vanagons prompted us to design an interface for our 8691 Monitor which would function on 1983 - 1985 model year Vans. This is the 8385 ECU Monitor, still a very popular product.
In 2009, we added a replacment Throttle Switch to our inventory of Vanagon kits. This has been and is currently a difficult part to find, and it makes little sense to replace your old worn out switch with another old (and possiby worn out) unit. Our 2015 addition is the Hall Throttle Position Switch. This is a really cool device which replaces last century microswitch technology with magnetic Hall sensor circuitry. You can check out the details by clicking the Hall TPS photo on our HOME page.
Our goal is to provide high quality, reliable products at a fair market price. We stand behind and offer comprehensive warranties on all of our products. Thank you for visiting, and we hope to hear from you soon!