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8691 Mini ECU Monitor

A quick look at a cardstock proof of concept of our 8691 Mini . We are taking  the first steps to create our time-tested 8691 ECU Monitor in a smaller footprint, incorporating push button range selection. This feature is being built into our 8691 Pro model, scheduled for release later this year.  Planned dimensions are 4"L x 3"W x 1" H. Stay tuned for updates, as we continue our progress on this exciting new product.

8691 Pro ECU Monitor

Primarily aimed at the professional repair facility, our 8691 Pro has several user requested features, including dual push button dual metering analog voltage displays, vehicle battery condition meter, internal data-logging capability, three BNC oscilloscope connectors for monitoring pulse signals, and a front panel mounted subminiature oscilloscope for observing available ECU signals. Scheduled for release Q3 - 2020.